The CAEM Group considers our environment of a key importance for our wellbeing. Our factories respects all law about pollutions but in most cases our impact on the environment is much better that compulsory limits.

CAEM is Green with his Products:
Shelving is designed to minimize waste of material
Shelving is Modular and this guarantees minor emissions for transport because products do pack together better: our products transport emissions are 25% lower than single plank products emissions and up to 50% lower to brackets and plank weld together products emissions.
Our modular planks generates strengthners when inter locking together: the avoidance of welding reduces consumptions, warmth and waste.
We use high strength steel meaning same or more strength using less material, less resources, less pollution for transport.
Our wrappings are of minimal thickness and weight reducing their impact in transport emission almost to zero.
Some of the steel we use is from waste (recycled).
All our metal products are recyclable.
We recycle 100% of our waste.

Procecces - Italian Factory
Ultra modern powder coating plant: 100,0% of powders are reused, 0,0% of powders spread in the environment.
Powder coating system based on transport rails: we reduced start up and closing down emissions thanks to special procedures.
Factory layout reduces internal transport and energy use.
The new logistic internal software minimize internal transfers.
Waste collection containers have a double concrete layering that guarantee 0,0% of oil will go into the ground.
Policy of low usage of paper.
Waste collection for recycling: paper, wrappings.
Internal logistic with own design containers in metal: they will last forever, no waste.
Internal metal containers are collapsible so when managing containers returns (internal or with customers) emissions of transport become much much less.
IT manufacturing planning all done on screen, minimal use of paper.

New Factory in Italy
Pre built panels with high K thermal resistance factor.
White finish to reduce heating and save cooling energy.
No direct sunlight so reduced sun heating and cooling energies thanks to:
o External electric adjustable curtains in front of offices
o No side windows in the factory
o Roof windows north east oriented
Windows are double glass and aluminium profiles are with triple thermical cut.
Building covers are extra thick 6cm of insulating state of the art material.
Clima system in office use electrics and not water, saving dispersion of energy.
Painting system extra energy is used for building heating.
State of the art office illumination consuming 12kW instead of standard technologies.